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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cheating Intention - She Did It

The Cheating Intention - She Did It
2009, The Cheating Intention

Ithaca, New York’s The Cheating Intention started out as a way for brothers Aaron and Jason Staniulis to show off. It quickly became apparent as the brothers garnered fans and people who wanted to play along. Two new members later and the Staniulis Brothers were a part of The Cheating Intention. During 2009, The Cheating Intention released their second EP, She Did It.

She Did It opens with "Get Lost", a blast of 1970's light-disco nostalgia that's irresistibly danceable. This is disco organic style, right down to the almost funky jazz guitar chords and the smooth vocals of Aaron Staniulus. "You Make Me" is a mildly funky slow-jam that Barry White would be proud of. "Gone Wrong" is more pop-oriented but built on a seriously funk base. "No Easy Way" closes by lamenting in the difficulties of extricating oneself from a love affair. You'll feel the same way about the end of She Did It. The Cheating Intention makes it difficult to walk away. While there's nothing here that will blow you away, The Cheating Intention provides such a professional and heartfelt performance you'll want them to do it again and again. No flash; just good music.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The Cheating Intention at  No online purchase points could be found for She Did It.  If you care to purchase the EP we suggest you contact The Cheating Intention through their MySpace page.

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