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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Review: BR And Timebomb - Fuegissimo

BR And Timebomb - Fuegissimo
2009, BR And Timebomb

BR and Timebomb are a Brooklyn-based rap combo with the lyrical sense and vibrant energy of The Roots or The Black Eyed Peas who happen to make their music the old fashioned way – they play it; on instruments. In what may be one of the most innovative releases of the year, BR And Timebomb released their EP Fuegissimo. Hip-hop may never be the same.

What a wonderfully refreshing sound! BR And Timebomb open with Fuegissimo, a hip-hop dance tune that has entirely organic instrumentation. Violin, trumpet, bass and drums concoct an original yet recognizable hip-hop sound that is unlike anything I’ve heard. The song itself is incredibly catchy; if it doesn’t get your feet moving you’d better have someone check your pulse. It’s On You continues with the original instrumentation, but you’re used enough to it by now to notice something else: BR can rhyme with the best of them. The rhymes are intelligent, poetic and well thought out. The backing vocalist is no slouch either. Tools opens with a plaintive violin solo that turns into Celtic style fiddling after the bass, drums and guitar come in. BR is once again well-spoken in rhyme. The EP closes out with Super BR, a bit of autobiographical trash talk in rhyme that’s entertaining.

It’s amazing what a change in instrumental scheme can do for a genre that borders on overdone and tired at times. While I’ve heard a number of bands/artists go the organic music route with hip-hop, I’ve never heard anyone do it quite like this. BR And Timebomb are new and unique enough to capture attention, and talented enough to hold onto it for the long haul. Don’t be surprised if this is the beginning of a long, slow build for BR And Timebomb that results in a lengthy and steady career.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about BR And Timebomb at You can purchase a copy of Fuegissimo at

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! and finally getting some much deserved attention. These guys, (& gals) are the real deal, Thnx.