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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: The Irish Experience - Green Energy

The Irish Experience – Green Energy
2009, The Irish Experience

Seattle’s The Irish Experience releases their sophomore CD, Green Energy, on March 17, 2009. Picking up where they last left off, The Irish Experience brings high energy instrumental Celtic music with a Rock N Roll feel and the occasional Appalachian folk underpinning. Electric violin, guitar, congas, bongos, harmonica, synth and djembe as the weapons of choice here, and you’ll quickly be consumed in the passion and energy The Irish Experience pumps into their music. Even the slower songs have a vibrant life you just won’t be able to ignore.

Green Energy opens with The Wicked Jig, a violin led opus over rhythmic guitar and some of the funkiest bass playing west of Chicago. Try to stand still while this one is playing; you can’t. Brendan McGlinchey’s is a wonderfully dark interpretation you can’t help get a little lost in. Dinny Delaney’s Slide may be the best track here. The violin and bass dance around one another while guitar and percussion steady the floor. John Brown’s Dream brings out a little of the Appalachian feel as The Irish Experience borders on a Celtic Bluegrass sound (banjo would complete the effect). Paddy Fahey’s is more of a rock tune than anything else here with an almost Mike Scott/Waterboys feel to it. Other highlights include Within A Mile Of Dublin, Indian Point, Scatter The Mud and The Fiddler’s Lament.

The Irish Experience delivers irrepressible Green Energy on their CD, but anything you read about them indicates the real thrill is their live shows. Green Energy is an accomplished instrumental disc that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or anytime you want to get back to your real or adopted Irish roots. This is a great listen.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about The Irish Experience at You can purchase Green Energy through CDBaby, iTunes or Rhapsody.

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