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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: James & The Rainbros - Self-Titled EP

James & The Rainbros - James & The Rainbros
2008, James & The Rainbros

James & The Rainbros is a Detroit, Michigan quartet with one of the more unusual sounds I’ve come across. Reggae elements mixed with the sort of free-flowing music we’ve become accustomed to hearing from The Counting Crows and even some hints of Led Zeppelin rear their heads on James & The Rainbros, their debut EP. Founded in 2006, James & The Rainbros have made a steady diet of the Metro Detroit club scene, but seem likely to expand their sphere with this EP.

James & The Rainbros opens with Apple Alphabet, a great bit of eclectic pop with a great hook. This is energetic, danceable Rock N Roll. Vocalist James Linck is enigmatic in sound and thoroughly memorable. His is a voice that isn’t pretty, but is eminently interesting to listen to and thoroughly memorable. Our Own Thing is my favorite track here because it has chutzpah. This is, quite literally, what Led Zeppelin would have sounded like with a Reggae rhythm section. Tiny Island also gets into the mix for top track with some unusual song construction and a Reggae/Roots Rock mix. Lord Got Bored is a bit of musical fluff, of the sort that would be a great concert tune. James & The Rainbros closes out with Chase You, a catchy but mellow reggae tune that will have you reaching for the playback button again.

James & The Rainbros are unique, mixing Reggae, Rock and Americana into something of a new blend. The EP James & The Rainbros is a highly entertaining and fun listen. Don’t be surprised if James & The Rainbros break out of Metro Detroit and start making their name on a larger scale in 2009.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about James & The Rainbros at At this time you can download James & The Rainbros from iTunes, or you can purchase a hard copy CD at one of their live shows. Although I think that if you ask nicely in a MySpace message they’ll figure out how to sell you one over the net.

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