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Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Robyn Pauhl - Robyn Pauhl

Robyn Pauhl – Robyn Pauhl
2008, Robyn’s Nest Productions

Robyn Pauhl has long been considered one of Canada’s most exciting young vocalists. She broke into national prominence in 2003 singing with some of the country’s top jazz talent. Pauhl took several years off, but returned in 2008 with a self-titled EP, Robyn Pauhl. While her style runs the gamut from Rock to RnB to Country, Pauhl seems to have concentrated on the country side of her persona here. Robyn Pauhl is a limited edition EP in advance of a full-length album due sometime in 2009.

Robyn Pauhl opens with Beginning To Fall In Love, a Gospel and Soul inflected Country tune that stands up to the best Nashville has to offer. Pauhl has this gorgeous, powerful voice that wraps the listener up in a cascade of sound, and she uses it to full effect here. Up next is All I Said, a Country/Rock hybrid that straddles the ravine between Pop and Adult Contemporary. Meet Me In The Middle is the class of the album. This is a classic country tune with southern Gospel accents that could be an immediate hit on country radio with the right push. Pauhl carries this song like a torch, leaving the listener in wonder.

Pauhl tacks a different tack on Westbound Like The Sun, sounding like a 1970’s AM Pop Crooner. It’s actually quite a song, just a little dated sounding. Pauhl is in amazing voice here. I Feel Nothing Now is piano, viola and Pauhl. It’s a tear jerker that’s beautiful in its abject sadness. Remember Me falls into the country/blues hybrid done so well by folks like Bonnie Raitt, showing another aspect of Pauhl and what her voice is capable of. It’s a perfect way to close out the EP.

Robyn Pauhl is amazing. There’s no other word for it. If she’s not the next country superstar then it will prove once and for all that they’ve forgotten what it’s all about on Music Row. Her debut EP, Robyn Pauhl is a must-hear, no hands down.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

I just listened to Robyn's EP and I was blown away by her songs and her vocals. She is amazing and I will look for her to climb the charts and watch her status grow in the music world. WOW!

Good-luck Robyn

Anonymous said...

I listen to Robyn Pauhl's ep all the time but to me it isn't a country ep - it's R&B !