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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review: Carla Seidl - Under My Skin

Carla Seidl – Under My Skin
2009, Carla Seidl Music

Carla Seidl is a singer/songwriter/radio producer/world traveler based in Huntington, NY. In January of this year she released her first album, Under My Skin. Sounding a bit like Eva Cassidy with a little Norah Jones thrown in for good measure, Seidl uses her multi-textured voice to cast a spell on listeners.

Carla Seidl has this wonderfully distinctive voice made up of honey, amber and wood timbres, almost achieving a dual tone in her sound that is warm and memorable. On Under My Skin she has mostly written/selected songs that fit her voice perfectly; songs generally of gentle or reserved arrangements that allow the color and tone of her voice to have free reign in your mind. The first track, Flame In The Dark, goes a step further; the a Cappella arrangement is dark and beautiful. Lucilla Galeazzi's Quante Selle nel Cielo con La Luna is the perfect vehicle for Seidl’s voice, however, emanating a powerful grace and beauty. Under My Skin finds Seidl at her confessional best in a folk song that is like to get covered by others. Other highlights include Gul Senin Tenin, A Subtle Glance, Far And Wide and a cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic Scarborough Fair.

Carla Seidl is one of the more distinctive vocalists you’ll find. While her sound isn’t what you might call pretty, it is very listenable and memorable as long as she stays in her vocal comfort zone. Under My Skin is a varied and uneven album full of some very strong songs. Seidl occasionally picks one that just doesn’t seem to fit her voice, but even then gives it her all. It’s an intriguing introduction that leaves us wondering what she’ll do next, and interested enough to want to find out.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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