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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review: Tingstad & Rumbel - Leap Of Faith

Tingstad & Rumbel – Leap Of Faith
2008, Cheshire Records

Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel are a Grammy Award winning duo with 19 albums on their resume. Their 2003 release, Acoustic Garden won a Grammy, and 1998’s American Acoustic was honored as “Acoustic Instrumental Album Of The Year”. Tingstad & Rumbel have been playing together since 1985 and have toured all over the world together. Their latest album, Leap Of Faith, debuted at #6 on the NAR charts.

Leap Of Faith opens with the title track, instigating a lovely vibrant energy in the interplay between guitar and clarinet. A sweet rendition of Georgia On My Mind makes way for Zacatecas, which will definitely get your feet moving. It’s a little too mellow to really dance to, but enjoyable nonetheless. Spring Maiden is a Celtic piece that sounds like it could have come right off of the Braveheart soundtrack. San Antonio Rose is a profound musical moment. The guitar work here is outstanding. If you don’t listen for any other reason, this is worth it. Summertime is another bravo moment. The guitar style here is unique and beautiful. Other highlights include the Klezmer-light To Life, Medicine Tree and Happy Trails.

Tingstad & Rumbel make acoustic instrumental music that is too good to be classified as elevator music or even dinner music. This is music you sit down and give a serious listen to. Musicians with a true passion for their instruments will love Leap Of Faith. Others will have an appreciation for the artistry here, but it might take someone who’s worked for months or years to perfect their craft to really get it. Either way, it’s a great listen.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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Janet Hansen said...

Tingstad & Rumbel are the perfect blend of Americana fingerstyle guitar, and double reeds - which include the oboe and English horn.

The Korean folk song "Spring Maiden"is being featured in a video at the official website of the Republic of Korea and the South Korean government.

Tingstad & Rumbel tour primarily throughout the United States, and have also performed in Mexico and South Korea.