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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review: Officer Roseland - Stimulus Package

Officer Roseland - Stimulus Package
2008, Officer Roseland

Take a bit of Beatles style pop sensibility, the testosterone-laced flamboyance of Cowboy Mouth and a little trash/punk attitude; mix it all up and let it simmer in the underground Philadelphia Punk scene and you get Officer Roseland. Ironic and wry in an in-your-face fashion, Officer Roseland offer up their cure for what ails you with 2008's Stimulus Package, their fourth release.

Dan Daidone (bass/vocals); Brian Jones (guitar/keys); John Ilisco (drums) and Rob DiJoseph (guitar/bass) mix it up on Stimulus Package, running between highly precise pop/punk anthems and reckless rockers straight from the mosh pit. The CD opens with We Want Your Money, a tongue-in-cheek diatribe on the "selling out" side of the music business most bands deride from the stage as the practice from the souvenir booth. Up next is Modern Rock extravaganza Spiders, sounding a bit like Three Doors Down crossed with Matchbox 20. Exploding from the genteel disposition offered on the first two tracks, Officer Roseland blows up in pure punker glory on That's Armageddon. These first three tracks offer an excellent triangulation of the depth and breadth of Officer Roseland's style. It's not so much that Officer Roseland can't pick a direction; they just refused to be tied down into one sound.

Cracked Harmonies has a great minor key twilight sound to it that keeps this driving rocker coming back into your head, whereas Don't Even packs a testosterone-laden punch ala Cowboy Mouth's John Thomas Griffin. Other highlights include the frenetic The Day B4 U Almost Died, Letting You Go and Bloo Bloo.

Officer Roseland knows how to mix it up in the mosh pits as well as on the big rock stage. Stimulus Package is full of humor, strong melodies and punker attitude tempered by a strong pop sensibility (most of the time). Stimulus Package is a highly enjoyable listen that I imagine could only be enhanced in a live setting. This is good time Rock N Roll.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Officer Roseland at Officer Roseland will pay you to download Stimulus Package from their website. We’re not kidding…

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