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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review: Falling Blind - Falling Blind

Falling Blind – Falling Blind
2008, Trip Six Records

Seattle’s Falling Blind claims heavy influences by both Incubus and Nirvana, and lays those influences out for all to hear on their debut EP, Falling Blind. With roots in Redding, California, this West Coast band has garnered a lot of industry attention already. They are touring the West Coast this Spring with their eyes on a wider audience in the future.

Falling Blind opens with Spoonfed Morality, a big guitar rock song with interesting arythmic sounds. Just A Distraction is up next, a classic sounding Pop/Metal ballad with some real kick in the bridge. Vocalist Clayton Marquiss is at his most soulful here. Where I Stand is your prototypical driving rock song with big guitars and heavy rhythms, whereas Modest Opinion marks a band that’s doing more than just cranking out tunes. Modest Opinion opens with one of the filthiest guitar licks you’re likely to hear and slams through a tight, compact rock arrangement that is a pleasure to listen to. This is an Indie classic. Dirty brings back the arrhythmic guitar style of Mike Davidson in a song with great movement running through the music. Falling Blind closes out with Is There A Reason, a classic, 1980’s Hair Metal sounding rocker.

Falling Blind is sure to find fans across the hard rock spectrum. For how much they stress influences like Nirvana and Incubus, Falling Blind ends up sounding wholly like themselves and no one else. Guitarist Davidson is a special find, with a style that could become distinctive and even signature over time. This is an excellent start.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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