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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Review: Alexandra Celano - I'm Overcome

Alexandra Celano - I'm Overcome
2009, Grace 3313 Publishing

The OC's Alexandra Celano is making her own dreams come true, with a long deferred recording and performance career starting to take off. Celano's debut CD, I'm Overcome features a mix of Pop and Country song with spiritual themes revolving around family, love and faith. With an avid internet following and burgeoning radio play at Christian Internet radio stations as well as internet based Country stations, Celano is on the verge of something big. I'm Overcome expresses her wonder at all while keeping a focus on the spiritual side of life.

Celano takes Praise music back to the roots of Country and Gospel with the bluegrass flavored title track on I'm Overcome. Celano's pleasant alto and country twang are nearly up-staged by the outstanding instrumental play that shows a nearly-classical respect for melody and structure. Celano confirms that twang-ridden alto on I Will Go, but surprises by effortlessly reaching for notes in her upper register and singing just as sweetly as down low. In This Place is contemplative old school Southern Gospel done up in gorgeous vocal harmonies and strings.

Celano mixes things up nicely on Let The River Flow using a rhythmic base and a gospel style small vocal ensemble to fill out the sound. The song itself sticks with the highly polished and gentle feel that pervades I'm Overcome, but it works in this context. You is a prayer of thanks and praise that's sweet and well done but could use just a touch more energy from a performance standpoint. Celano does a character sketch in Grandpa that will hit home for anyone who's ever lost a beloved grandparent or parent. Celano drops a sweet love song in You're Good For Me that's destined to be a mix-tape and perhaps even a wedding song. More Than A Man is an ode to Jesus based on the Christian belief in Salvation through the Crucifixion. Celano moves on to the sweet Dancing Angel before launching into the closing number, A Child Is Born.

Alexandra Celano fills up her songs with faith and a quiet grace that's missing from most modern praise music. This is definitely "Easy Listening" Contemporary Christian Music, lacking any real edge or modern touch but sounding a lot like the classic Country/Gospel albums of the 1970's from folks like Christy Lane and Anne Murray. I suspect I'm Overcome will be most popular with folks who still remember such artists fondly, but the album is well done.
Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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