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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review: The Nadas - Almanac

The Nadas - Almanac
2009, Authentic Records

The Nadas are coming back with new material in 2009, an album entitled Almanac that might just be their best work yet. Almanac is being recorded as a year-long project with one new song available through the band’s website on the last day of each month. Coming off 2008's transitional The Ghosts Inside These Walls, The Nadas are in top form on the nine songs completed thus far for Almanac. We here at Wildy's World recently had a chance to check them out.

The Nadas open Almanac with a radio-ready hit in Bitter Love. The melody is highly memorable and the production is solid. Mike Butterworth shines on vocals. Dodged A Bullet is a glass half empty about a relationship that's going someplace. There's real pop sensibility here and the string arrangement makes the song. Wrecking Ball is catchy and perhaps even danceable. Butterworth's vocals stand out as a highlight. Call Me could be a big song for The Nadas. It's a theme for anyone who's been dumped and is looking for a second chance. You'll find yourself singing and nodding along, as the chorus has a universal feel to it that suggests the universality of the lyrics.

Last To Know is a mid-tempo number about being in a relationship with someone you simply cannot read. The tune is mildly catchy and is very well-written. Hear That Sound gives The Nadas a third song with real commercial pop; a Wallflowers-esque number that could do well both with radio and in the licensing realm. Crystal Clear is an understated-yet-powerful little Rock song. The emotional content here is high; with real tension and deep-seated anxiety wrapped in a carefully adventurous spirit. The Nadas close out with All I Want, a great piece of Rock N Roll. The melody here is memorable and the vocal harmonies are gorgeous.

The Nadas take a big step forward on Almanac, their seventh studio album. While not complete, we were able to review 9 songs of an expected 12 or so. They could stop now and have a hit album. The Nadas have come a long way in a year, and Almanac promises to be brilliant.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about The Nadas at or The Nadas have several packages available for the purchase of Almanac. Check them out here!

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