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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: Janine Farragher - The Colour Of Morning

Janine Farragher - The Colour Of Morning
2009, Corkscrew Records

Janine Farragher is one of the darlings of the Toronto Indie Music scene. With a “Best Pop EP” from the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards under her belt from 2008 and a smash showing at 2009’s NXNE, Farragher is edging into deeper waters. Her latest EP, The Colour Of Morning is only four songs in length but is full of more quality than many full length discs on the market. With a distinctive voice, a compelling writing style and an ability connect with listeners even through the sterile studio setting, Farragher’s time is now.

The Colour Of Morning opens with So Easily, a moderately paced Country/Rock tune about realizing what you have and what you want just before it’s gone. The narrator here acknowledges it might be too late but refuses to give up, wanting to not just say sorry but find the old magic with someone she's wronged. The song is very well written; full of a quiet urgency and matter-of-fact nature that's endearing. We're Not Alone is an interesting tune. I wasn't as impressed with this as some of the other material song-wise, but Farragher is in top voice, giving an impassioned performance that's believable and nearly tangible. Memory Lane is about the power of the past to haunt us. The song is done in a straight-up Americana style with a dark, moody musical aspect. The melody line is a strong one, particularly in the chorus. This is the best song on the disc. Farragher closes out with Salt Water, a song about falling in love with someone who's not good for you. The object of affection here is likened to salt water, which fills a need by creating more need and eventually will lead to the death of those who drink it. The pointed subtlety of the song is refreshing, and an indication that Farragher's songwriting talent runs much deeper than the four songs presented here.

The Colour Of Morning is a strong debut EP for Janine Farragher. Her singing voice is eminently listenable, and her songwriting/storytelling style is entertaining and affecting. I suspect Farragher is destined for bigger things musically. There's real talent here and a sound that's bound to grab attention. Get to know her now while she's still accessible.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Janine Farragher at, where you can purchase a download of The Colour Of Morning.

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