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Friday, October 30, 2009

Review: Voice Of Addiction – Re-Evolution

Voice Of Addiction – Re-Evolution
2009, Voice Of Addiction

Chicago’s Voice Of Addiction follows the old Punk ethos of anarchy, calling for revolution to dismantle the wheels of progress. Whether this is posture or pride is always up for debate, but they certainly make their points in convincing fashion. Voice Of Addiction’s debut album, Re-Evolution shows rough edges but a level of enthusiasm and drive that may just wear those edges down to a smooth, sleep surface in time.

Voice Of Addiction kicks off with the title track, a catchy Punk/Pop tune with some surf guitar thrown in for good measure. The song is very enjoyable with great energy and excitement from the band. Got Your Number is a decent track, if a little on the bland side. The Walls seems to capture Voice Of Addiction right where they live and me be the most accurate snapshot available of the band. The Walls has great energy and is highly inventive. It’s also a bit messy in the process, but the band’s pure joy at creative music shines through every note. Right! Now! I honestly didn’t care much for, but Grease The Wheel more than made up for it. Grease The Wheel is a highly catchy and radio-friendly ska-flavored tune. The only complaint here is that the vocal line occasionally gets washed out by a mix of production decisions and less-than-ideal enunciation from lead vocalist Ian Tomele. Voice Of Addiction says goodnight with Martyr, a catchy Ska-verse that launches into a thrilling guitar-driven chorus.

Voice Of Addiction doesn’t come across as the most polished act in the Indie music scene, but their energy and enthusiasm more than make up for any casual rough edges. Re-evolution is an affable introduction to the band, and the title seems apropos for their messy-but-lovable musical persona. Voice Of Addiction is a band to watch, friends. I am not sure where they’re headed, but the trip ought to be gratifying.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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