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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Literary Greats - Ocean, Meet The Valley

The Literary Greats - Ocean, Meet The Valley
2009, The Literary Greats

Houston, Texas quintet The Literary Greats recently returned with their sophomore album, Ocean, Meet The Valley. With a rootsy approach to rock n roll, The Literary Greats take a deeper, darker turn with Ocean, Meet The Valley. Working with producer Chris Grainger (Wilco, Sixpence None The Richer), The Literary Greats used 1970’s era equipment and recording techniques to capture a classic sound.

Ocean, Meet The Valley opens with "That Mountain Yonder", a song of big melodic sensibilities and Americana colorings. The Literary Greats come off sounding like a cross between The Rolling Stones and Wings here. "Show Me The Coast" is a Blue Rodeo-style country rocker with a big guitar sound. It's a great tune, one that will have you hitting replay over and over. The Literary Greats get a bit scattered on "Happens Every Time" before falling into the droning and "The Black Bee". "Oh Abilene is a raucous country rocker that's well worth the listen, particularly in a honky-tonk or club where there are many willing dancers.

Dreadnought is highly repetitive, working around a play on words "fear God and dreadnought" in a song powered by big, heavy guitar sound. "Ruby Sapphire" is a love song of sorts, wrapped up in a dark, mildly funky rock tune with serious backbeat and a solid chorus. "Ocean Waves" has a low-key, early-1960's sound that's vaguely reminiscent of Roy Orbison, although the lyrics sound straight from the heart. The Literary Greats close with "Hill Country Queen", an affable love song with some real potential.

Ocean, Meet The Valley is an enjoyable side-trip, full of solid melodies, plus songwriting and energetic performances from The Literary Greats. Americana fans should fawn all over The Literary Greats. These guys can flat out play, sing, write and perform.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The Literary Greats at or Ocean, Meet The Valley is available in multiple formats from Amazon.

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