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Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: MojoRising - Feel What You Feel EP

MojoRising - Feel What You Feel EP
2009, MojoRising

Australian duo MojoRising is mounting their own US invasions, crossing to the frothy shores of Los Angeles with the hope of taking the Indie music scene there by storm. With 150 gigs in the past three years Down Under, MojoRising felt they had gone as far as they could at home. With influences strongly wrapped up in The Doors and INXS, MojoRising delivers their quirky form of Dance/Rock with panache. MojoRising's debut EP, Feel What You Feel, is already making waves, with the single She Woke Up To Me already getting spins on the Undiscovered Radio Network.

She Woke Up To Me kicks things off with a vibrant Disco/Rock feel. The song is catchy but mild, taking listeners a bit by surprise. Touch leans toward a sense of urgency or need, with vocalist Jozsef James sounding a bit like Corey Hart. The song itself is a bit on the unremarkable side but the performance is compelling. Soothe Me And Use Me is catchy yet lyrically suspect. It's a decent tune but lacking any real polish. MojoRising wraps up with Maybe In Another Life, a mix of Edwin McCain and the aforementioned Corey Hart. This love song is likely to gain the band some listeners but doesn't have serious commercial punch.

MojoRising earns points for originality and seem to be fully into the performance experience, but may fare well in the long run by expanding to a fuller band. The songwriting is generally average, but MojoRising has enough personality to pull off the most mediocre of material. Feel What You Feel is an interesting start. I don't if it's enough to really get behind them yet, but it's certainly not enough to turn listeners away either. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about MojoRising at or You can purchase a copy of Feel What You Feel from MojoRising’s webstore.

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