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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: Flowers For Lily - A Name Will Come

Flowers For Lily - A Name Will Come
2008, Flowers For Lily

Queensland, Australia’s Flowers For Lily is making a name for themselves down under with their original blend of Rock, Metal and Punk. 2009 has seen Flowers For Lily tapped for a spot on Big Day Out, as well as receiving an Independent Music Award nomination. 2010 will see Flowers For Lily continue to grow their fan base through live shows and word of mouth. In 2008, Flowers For Lily released their debut album, A Name Will Come.

A Name Will Come opens with Cemetery Forest, a powerfully driven song with a chorus that tries valiantly to soar. Lead vocalist Jimmy Sky pushes the edges here with a big hard rock vocalist sound. The sound is held back just a little bit but the Flowers For Lily show they know how to rock right out of the gate. Sky goes to full falsetto for Brand New Blinded before dropping down in the run-up to the glacial chorus. Cupid is lyrically awkward at best with a chorus of "Shooting children in the heart is not a game". The song is essentially filler, and not terribly good filler at that. Flowers For Lily come back well with Hill Of Skulls, a Blues-hued heavy rocker with a real Pop feel. This is the catchiest song on the disc and the one most likely to have you hitting the repeat button over and over. Breaking Bread goes for more a wall of sound feel on the opening before settling into an understated chorus. The chorus is mildly catchy but not enough overcome a pleasant but not imposing song. Flowers For Lily close out with Prelude, a mournful song of parting that does relatively well until the whispering starts. Sky doesn't have the voice to handle a slower song like this and his breath control falls apart on the softer phrasing required here, but the song has potential.

Flowers Of Lily have the feel of gold ore; there's value inside of that stone but you never know when it will rear its head. A Name Will Come displays both the talents and weaknesses of the band. Vocalist Sky is good when belting at the upper part of his range, but has a tough time maintaining a melody line when the vocal style becomes more lyric. From a songwriting perspective, the music is decent, while the lyrics bow to simplicity and get repetitive when all else fails. Give Flowers Of Lily some stream time before deciding where you want to buy the EP or just a track or two.

Rating: 2 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Flowers For Lily at You can purchase a Download of A Name Will Come from iTunes.


Unknown said...

ever wrote this is a idiot... FFL are awesome every song on their album is breath-takenly awesome. Cupid is my favorite song on the album.


Wildy said...

Eh. I've been called worse by better. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, just stumbled across this article.

I'm a fan of Flowers For Lily myself - and this is a pretty cutting review!

As a fan, I think some of the things said here were a bit unfair - but to the person above called "Ozzie" I have to say there's no point calling the reviewer an idiot.

This guy Wildy is reviewing the material, so, his opinion on the matter is really the whole point.

While I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with much of what is written - it's a good review, well-worded and certainly worth the read.

And that is what a review is about.

So, good review, keep up the good work.

Oh and start loving Flowers For Lily!