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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review: The States - We Are The Erasers EP

The States - We Are The Erasers EP
2009, Groove Collective Records

Brooklyn’s The States is a power-trio with an ambient feel that may draw comparisons to Radiohead or even Coldplay, but The States never quite let go of their power chords. Singer/guitarist Chris Snyder, drummer Joe Stroll and bassist Pete Connors have grown up through their music. We covered The States sophomore release, The Path Of Least Resistance just last year, and found The States to be charming rockers with an ability to right choruses that soar through the air. In September, 2009, The States released their third album; an EP entitled We Are The Erasers. In the year that’s passed since we last visited with The States, a distinctive maturity has crept into their songwriting. The results are a pleasant surprise.

The States open with Our Time Is Up, a vibrant Rock N Roll tune that's a bit opaque in meaning but has the sort of urgent energy and sound that makes for a surefire Rock Radio hit. The Flight is a song about feeling lost in a world where dreams haven't panned out and responsibilities have taken over. There's a wistful feeling here, longing for the trappings of youth. The anger and frustration pops up on all the wrong places, "I'm running ragged again, I only turn on my temper for my best friends.” It's a strong song about the disaffecting quality of traversing the divide between immaturity and adulthood. Erasers takes to task a society that has learned to bend and shape itself through things like plastic surgery and drugs. As the prevalence of these things grows, what is to stop an eventual collective consciousness from making these decisions for others, and does it happen already? Erasers is both commentary and warning about the potential for the Jones to keep up with you. Bodies finds The States embarking through the lands of dramatic and heavy rock. It's not the strongest tune on the disc but is certainly an interesting listen. The States close with Brightstars, which seems to be about searching for meaning in the wake of a friend's suicide or death. It's a gorgeous and touching tune full of angst, fear and even hope. Chris Snyder serves up his best vocal performance on the disc as a closer.

The States continue to impress. We Are The Erasers shows the same grit as on The Path Of Least Resistance, but there's a more mature authorial voice coming through the songs. It's the sort of step forward you might expect from a band on its way to greatness.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about The States at or You can download We Are The Erasers from iTunes. CD copies do exist, but don’t appear to be available online. Contact The States through their MySpace page if you simply have to have one!

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