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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving is a day to stop, look around you and be thankful for all you have. In difficult times I have a loving wife, 2 wonderful children, a roof over my head, a decent job and healthy prospects for the future, all of which I am thankful for. For fun, I also have Wildy's World. For whatever work I put into it, it's really about you, the readers, and the artists brave enough to submit their recordings for consideration. I am thankful for both the readers who find this blog worth their time, and the artists who give of themselves to make music.

Musicians and songwriters strive to give of themselves to the world. Even something we don't like is likely an honest expression of self, put out there in the naked world to be loved and accepted or cast aside. There's more bravery in that act than most of us undertake on any given day in our lives. Be well, today and always, friends. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, eat well, and remember those who can't today (and do something about it if you can).


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