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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review: Marc Robillard - Paper Airplanes

Marc Robillard - Paper Airplanes
2005, Marc Robillard

Los Angeles based Canadian-born singer/songwriter Marc Robillard showed a pretentious talent for unusual and complex Pop arrangements on his debut EP, Paper Airplanes. Later this year, Robillard will be releasing his sophomore album, but for now we're revisiting Robillard's promising debut.

Paper Airplanes opens with the lush melancholy of Some Cry, a song that is more sonically pleasing than it is fulfilling. The writing here is esoteric with a dirge-like quality and really fails to take the listener anywhere. From a compositional standpoint the song is a beauty, but it feels incomplete. Robillard's affection of melancholic Pop carries over to The Pair is an allegory for the tendency for individuals in a relationship to hold their emotional cards close. Robillard makes his point poetically and succinctly, wrapping it in a wonderfully orchestrated arrangement. Come By Now is an abject plea for things to change; the request is made of life or fortune. The song is an angst and effect filled affair, reflecting a soul in turmoil yearning for a way to break free of the past. This might not be your favorite song on the EP, but you'll find respect for what Robillard is attempting here.

The meaning behind Blown Away may be deep and esoteric or perhaps just elusive, but the song is a thing of beauty. Robillard's voice emotes a sense of magic and wonder at how life works itself out at times, backing it with a simple but elegant acoustic guitar arrangement. Modest Glow and Butterscotch High close out Paper Airplanes on esoteric and melancholy notes befitting Robillard's apparent temperament on the rest of the EP.

Marc Robillard has a knack for crafting sonically pleasing songs that can be hard to decipher. Speaking plainly, Robillard has a poet's knack for burying his meanings in words specific enough to detail and general enough to obfuscate. Paper Airplanes shows some real talent at song craft, something I hope he expands upon with his upcoming album. As an introduction, Paper Airplanes is solid.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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