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Sunday, September 28, 2008

CD Review: Bill Grady - A Room Called Home

Bill Grady - A Room Called Home
2006, Godorobot Records

Bill Grady is a resident and product of New York City. He and his music embody the smart sophistication and raw primal qualities needed to survive in Gotham. Mixing in elements of disparate musical styles, Grady creates spasmodically wonderful musical alliterations. His 2006 release, A Room Called Home is a minor miracle.

A Room Called Home is a delightfully edgy and enigmatic folk album. The CD is primarily Bill Grady and his guitar, and comes across as a personal live performance. Grady reminds me of what might happen if Jason Mraz and Ani DiFranco had a child together. In fact I am not certain this hasn't happened already. Bill Grady has a rapid-fire lyrical style reminiscent of Ani and a melodic sense reminiscent of Mraz. Check out Sandpaper Or Suede to see what I mean.

On Secret Grady shows a more refined style. This impressive ballad is a thing of beauty and calls to mind some of Elton John's best story-songs. Don't Be Shy finds Bill Grady accompanying himself on lip-trumpet in a bit of good-natured fun. Other highlights include Do Bei Lei Lo; Yours, truly; the jazzy Bye Bye Farewell; Walkabout and Carry You.

Bill Grady walks to the beat of his own drummer. His songs are full of interesting melodies and spry lyrical spins and turns. A Room Called Home is an effecting debut that will bring you to big highs and dramatic lows while covering the entire gamut in between. Strong recommendations all around for Bill Grady and A Room Called Home.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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