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Saturday, September 27, 2008

CD Review: Steve Brockley - Steve Brockley EP

Steve Brockley - Steve Brockley EP
2008, Steve Brockley

Steve Brockley is a folk singer/songwriter with the meanest finger-pick guitar style I've heard in some time. The Montreal, Canada resident has a punk Arlo Guthrie aura about him. He displays a distinct talent for story telling set to music and writes gorgeous backgrounds for his musical poetry. On his self-titled Steve Brockley EP, Brockley offers up 4 outstanding tracks in the form of introduction.

Late Night Nancy would seem to describe the arc of a nonpareil dysfunctional relationship and is a classic story song. Gold seems to play on the same themes as Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay. The melody is memorable and Brockley's voice brings a homey feel -- you can picture sitting around a kitchen fire in Appalachia with the warmth of fire, grog and friends. Dress Me Up continues in the vein of classic story songs and adds in a blues accent. The EP closes with Nickels and Dimes, which includes a guitar played in a blues style that mimics slide guitar. This is musically the most interesting song on the disc and my personal favorite.

Steve Brockley should be big draw on the folk circuit in the coming years. He's the kind of performer who could take a place like Falcon Ridge by storm. I highly recommend this EP as a classic example of roots music. A must-have!

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Steve Brockley at Contact Steve through his MySpace page if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of his self-titled EP.

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