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Sunday, September 28, 2008

CD Review: Dylan Kight - The Nightbirds Revolt

Dylan Kight - The Nightbirds Revolt
2008, Aztec Ballroom Records

The Nightbirds Revolt is a pleasant album consisting of fourteen moderate tempo rock tunes that tries mightily but fails to get off the ground. Dylan Kight seems to have a fine melodic sense, but the delivery here lacks significant energy or emotion. What could be a strong album becomes a pleasantly generic yet forgettable listen. There are a few songs here worth mentioning, but generally more for what they might have been than what they are. A Running Rose has a great melody and would soar if Dylan Kight displayed an emotional connection to the song. Daydream Deferred brings a little life to The Nightbirds Revolt, but once Kight starts to sing it all falls apart. Kight's voice is pleasant enough, but he tends to sound like he's going through the motions here.

Be sure to check out Ballad Of Clarence Marshall and Arcadia. These are both songs that with the right treatment could be downright outstanding. I have to believe that Dylan Kight has more to offer on the performance side, and perhaps his energy and interest comes through more in the live environment, but I just don't hear it on the CD. It's unfortunate because Kight is actually a pretty decent songwriter. The Nightbirds Revolt is worthwhile for the material, but the performance aspect is just there.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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