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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CD Review: Pat Zyduck - Never Wanna Meet Another You

Pat Zyduck - I Never Wanna Meet Another You
2008, Pat Zyduck

Pat Zyduck hails from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, and is the son of a professional guitar player. Listing Chet Atkins as one of his greatest influences, Zyduck has a sense for well-crafted and intricate guitar playing, particular in the finger-pick style. 2008 sees the release of Pat Zyduck’s debut CD, I Never Wanna Meet Another You. Make sure you’re sitting down.

I Never Wanna Meet Another You is a fine folk album full of some well-written songs, great musicianship and some out-of-sight finger-pick guitar playing. Zyduck has this great gravelly voice without significant range, but he manages all he needs vocally with what he has. Despite any limitations its a very comfortable voice to listen to. The CD opens with Yesterday, a memoriam that is starkly beautiful and unsettling. I Never Wanna Meet Another You is full of regret at the time spent in a broken relationship. Rain is a beautiful musical metaphor that is impressionistic in its color and timbre. Other highlights include Why, Jammin' in "D" and Make It Out Alive.

I Never Wanna Meet Another You is the sort of folk album that inspires unusual fervor in that particular musical community. Zyduck combines a fine lyrical sense with outstanding guitar workmanship and a "comfort food" voice. I Never Wanna Meet Another You is recommended listening for all of my readers, but particular for fledgling songwriters. Pat Zyduck writes with grit and a sense of reality that folks like Bob Dylan and Ron Hawkins are known for. Don't pass this by.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Pat Zyduck at You can order a copy of I Never Wanna Meet Another You through Pat Zyduck’s MySpace page. Instructions are here.

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