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Thursday, September 11, 2008

CD Review: Taddy Porter - Monocle

Taddy Porter - Monocle
2008, Taddy Porter

Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Taddy Porter brings back the days of the Blues Rock Gods. The quartet is comprised of Andy Brewer (guitar/lead vox), Doug Jones (drums), Joe Selby (lead guitar/vox) and Kevin Jones (bass). They have a reputation for a big rock sound and strong live shows. Their 2008 release, Monocle, is a must hear.

Monocle is an interesting conglomeration of blues and rock with a grunge attitude. Appearing to draw from influences such as ZZ Top, Bob Seger, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Taddy Porter is firmly in the classic rock/blues camp. The songwriting is strong, the guitar playing sufficiently hot and the production top-notch. Highlights include Mean Mix, Day Dream, Time, Satisfied Customer and Character Assassin.

Monocle is classic 1970's FM radio fun with just a hint of modern edge to it. You could plug these guys into a music festival with classic and arena rock bands and they'd be right at home. Taddy Porter is great music for the weekend, for in the car, or just sitting around on the deck on a summer night.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Taddy Porter at Monocle is currently only available at Taddy Porter shows, but is forthcoming to both CDBaby and iTunes (for download). If you absolutely must have it before then, message the band through their MySpace page and I’m sure they’ll work with you.


Vaughan said...

Only a 3.5? These guys rock. You're right about being able to listen to them anywhere, and the production quality of "Monocle," but I have to say you're a star short on that rating. Anyone who hasn't heard them should check out their 'Space page. Listen to "Whatever Haunts You" one time, and if you aren't sending money for the CD as soon as the chorus hits, I suggest you stick to Ms. Spears and Miley Cyrus.

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys last Thursday. They opened for Saving Abel. These guys FREAKN ROCK!! I am looking now to buy their CD!!