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Friday, September 19, 2008

CD Review: Steven Rodriguez - The Simple Things

Steven Rodriguez - The Simple Things

2008, G-Music

The Simple Things is just Steven Rodriguez and acoustic guitar. There is no denying that Rodriguez has a great voice and is adept on the acoustic. What's missing here is a backing band. The songs are decent but there's nothing earth shattering here -- no "Whoa." There is potential however. Rodriguez comes across as a young songwriter here with a lot of talent, but who would benefit from the creative tension that a band can provide. Songs like I Give In and The Simple Things show the talent that exists. It's just a question of a little more seasoning and maybe someone to bounce musical ideas off of.

The Simple Things is a valuable snapshot of a developing artist who may turn into an outstanding songwriter before he's done. Vocally and musically he's there. Keep your eyes and ears on Steven Rodriguez. He's one to watch.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Steven Rodriguez at The release of The Simple Things is forthcoming. Keep checking Rodriguez’ MySpace page for a release date and purchasing information.

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