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Sunday, September 21, 2008

CD Review: Bob Pressner - Summer In Illusionland/More To America

Bob Pressner – Summer In Illusion Land/More To America

Bob Pressner makes his living on the meat and potatoes of classic rock music. Pressner is a pleasant vocalist who writes interesting and pleasant songs that are relatively generic to the genre of classic rock. He recently moved to Florida to pursue his passion of making music full time, and has released an album (not reviewed here) of songs dedicated to/inspired by The Beijing Olympics.

Summer In Illusionland – 2007, Bob Pressner

On 2007's Summer In Illusion Land, Bob Pressner seems to settle more comfortable into the singer/songwriter mold. One Voice is a positive, hopeful message that is particularly relevant today. Matters Of The Heart is a self-deprecating look at the composer's own love difficulties. High Maintenance Woman may be the best song on the album, and has kind of a Chris Isaak feel to it. Other highlights include The Gift Of Love, Sing For The Sunrise and Keep Your Love Strong. As sometimes happens; I like the second half of this album more than the first..

Summer In Illusion Land is a strong sophomore effort and is in essentially the same league as More To America. Bob Pressner continues to build a catalog of interesting and pleasant songs that make for great listening and would probably fill a fun evening on stage. Summer In Illusion Land is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

More To America – 2006, Bob Pressner

I actually like this disc, but there's not much here that makes it really stand out as special or unique. Pressner does show a talent for lyrics at times. He has a succinct yet full-circle writing style that is typical of your good singer-songwriters. In fact the more I think about it Pressner is really a singer-songwriter in the garb of a 1980's guitar-rock guy.

Breath Of Fresh Air is a fun tune with interesting lyrical turns and a memorable melody. Ibiza Man is a fun dance/rock tune complete with saxophone and a bit of ironic wit. See You Fall is my personal favorite on More To America as it fits more to the singer-songwriter persona I see in Pressner's music, and the arrangement here is perfect.

As with Summer In Illusion Land I liked the album more as it progressed (particularly the second half). On the whole, More To America is a solid album but it gets progressively better as it goes. Bob Pressner is a talented songwriter with great musical story telling skills and a strong sense for turns of phrase. Definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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