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Monday, September 29, 2008

CD Review: Sunday Speedtrap - You Can't Outrun The Radio!!/Confessions From The Heart

Sunday Speedtrap - You Can't Outrun The Radio!!/Confessions From The Heart

Seattle suburbanite Chris Eric is the literal and spiritual heart and head of Sunday Speedtrap. A local folk artist in Everett, Washington for the past fifteen or so years, Eric has quite the following locally. Performing both solo and with a band (Sunday Speedtrap), Eric has managed to release 5 CDs in the past ten years. His band, Sunday Speedtrap has released two albums, both of which we are reviewing today.

Sunday Speedtrap - You Can't Outrun The Radio!!
2005, Canucmysng?

You Can't Outrun The Radio is a lo-fi collection of American and Country/Rock tunes with a very mellow disposition. It is a pleasant listen but lacks the sort of spark that turns a good listen into a great one. The songwriting, musicianship and vocals are all solid, but nothing really jumps out here as special. Standing By Your Side displays some of the energy I was looking for from Sunday Speedtrap, as do One Touch and Pretty Little Girl. Pretty Little Girl is the best track on You Can't Outrun The Radio.

Sunday Speedtrap - Confessions From The Heart
2008, Canucmysng?

2008's Confessions From The Heart shows some significant steps forward for Sunday Speedtrap. I would presume that the additional three years of playing together has helped something to click for Sunday Speedtrap. Follow My Heart is a mellow alt-country rocker in the vein of Blue Rodeo. The Life I've Led is also a strong entry, with a pleasant melody and a little creative tension apparent. All And All is a bit of a rocker that is a pleasant change of pace from Sunday Speedtrap. Other highlights include Spirit, Dance With Me, Do You Believe and I'm Going To The Dance.

Sunday Speedtrap is a band that has experienced considerable growth in the three years between You Can't Outrun The Radio!! and Confessions From The Heart. Musically strong from the first, they've shown definite improvement as a unit. Vocals and songwriting have both shown significant growth in the meantime. I would strongly recommend Confessions From The Heart. If you really like the disc or a completist pick up You Can't Outrun The Radio!!, but it's not up to the level of their sophomore release.


You Can't Outrun The Radio!! - 2 Stars (Out of 5)
Confessions From The Heart - 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Sunday Speedtrap at or You can purchase a copy of You Can’t Outrun The Radio!! at You can purchase a copy of Confessions From The Heart at


Anonymous said...

Great Review, the link for You Can’t Outrun The Radio!! doesn't work, it goes to myspace saying the page can't be found.

Wildy said...

I just checked the MySpace link and it seems to be working fine. Perhaps a MySpace issue at the time you checked...?