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Friday, September 26, 2008

CD Review: Willie Mack - Headlights and Tailpipes

Willie Mack – Headlights And Tailpipes
2007, Open Road Recordings

Texas’ own Willie Mack plays rock and roll country songs that would make Charlie Daniels proud. With a pop/country voice that is made for radio and strong songwriting, Willie Mack seems positioned to be a big thing in country music. His 2007 release, Headlights And Tailpipes is full of highly commercial yet musically interesting songs.

Headlights and Tailpipes opens with Gonna Get Me A Cadillac, with a driving bass line that will have you up and dancing immediately. The song "." is full of delicious innuendo and probably won't make Sarah Palin's iPod play list any time soon but sure is a fun listen. Headlights and Tailpipes is the perfect road tune, guaranteed to make that long road trip pass in a jiffy. Other highlights here include Another Sky; the honky tonk Love You I Do; the religious themed TGIF and the deliciously devious Sumpin' Sumpin'.

The class of this album is Golden Years. For any of you who are parents this song will have special resonance. Aside from being a wonderfully written and touching song, it is extremely marketable on the commercial side, most likely for licensing (movies/commercials).

Willie Mack has a sound that is very classic country rock and yet retains a spark of originality. Headlights And Tailpipes is a classic debut CD with strong commercial sensibilities, great arrangements and the sort of melodies you'll be humming for days. Headlights and Tailpipes easily crosses stylistic boundaries and find a disparate batch of followers for Willie Mack.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Willie Mack at or Unfortunately Headlights and Tailpipes is currently only sold in Canada. You can spend $35 plus shipping to buy the import through, but I would recommend going to one of the Canadian retailers such as CD Plus where you’ll get it for about half the price.

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