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Saturday, September 20, 2008

CD Review: Lexx Luther Vandroz - World Dominatrix

Lexx Luther Vandroz - World Dominatrix
2008, Lexx Luther Vandroz

Big bad blues inflected guitar rock is back. Wilmington, Delaware’s Lexx Luther Vandrozz swaggers out of the darkness, guitar in hand, ready to do battle with the forces of pithy pop. This alter-ego of popular Wilmington band Cadre builds a sound around big guitars, a Hammond B3 Organ and one of the tightest rhythm sections this side of the Mississippi. Lexx Luther Vandroz' debut album, World Dominatrix is currently being prepared for release. You'd best be ready.

Lexx Luther Vandroz could musically stand up with many of the icons of early 70's hard rock/heavy metal. The fact that they unleash a riotous sense of humor at times in their music in no way diminishes how hard these guys rock. If anything, the willingness to not take themselves too seriously raises the bar just a notch higher. The six song EP opens with Deep Contact, a heavy metal slow jam if ever there was one. Mike Tyson On Cocaine is one of the funniest new songs I've heard this year, and is musically a second cousin to Walk This Way (I suspect this was intentional). Make sure to check out Flash Or Trash and Gravity Shifting as well: Both songs are guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Lexx Luther Vandroz brings the chutzpah back to rock and roll. World Dominatrix is twenty-three minutes of in your face Rock N Blues. Put this disc on your shopping list, particularly if your stereo goes up to eleven.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Lexx Luther Vandroz at You’ll have to contact the band through their MySpace page for release dates and purchase information.


Anonymous said...

Nice review. These songs are tougher than John Wayne's saddle sores. Glad to read someone still likes rock and roll music.

Anonymous said...

This band is great, spread the word about World Dominatrix!

Anonymous said...

Lexx Luther Vandroz is a badass band. This is a great review, and sums up everything I would have said..but seeing them live is a must!

Anonymous said...

It's great when you leave a show feeling fully satisfied..and LLV makes sure your full. I laugh, scoff and rock the f*ck out every time I see them play..and they are great to listen to while driving to the beach..LOVE THESE GUYS!

Anonymous said...

I love this band! All the guys are great musicians, and the whole is even better than the sum of its parts! In addition, all the guys aree really nice and super-cute! Definitely catch them live if they are in your town!