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Friday, September 5, 2008

CD Review: Starsky - Everyone Has A Story...

Starsky - Everyone Has A Story...
2008, Starsky Music

Starsky is an Ayr, Scotland acoustic rock outfit cut from the same mold as The Pat McGee Band. Touches of Americana rise up here and there. Vocally he has some Fleetwood moments, particularly in the harmonies. Everyone Has A Story is a non-threatening pleasant listen with thoughtful lyrics and pleasant acoustic-guitar based arrangements. This is one of those albums that I enjoyed but at the end there aren't real particular high points or low points I can point to.

I did rather enjoy the songs Storm, Including Me and In The Morning. Going Nowhere injects some nice bluegrass fiddle into the mix, and Home might have the best staying power of songs on the album. The material on Everyone Has A Story is really decent, it just doesn't stand out the way it might. I can see where the material here has significant live potential, and it may just be a matter of the live energy not coming out in the studio.

Starsky is a talented lad. Starksy has an extremely pleasant voice to listen to. Everyone Has A Story... has good material that could/should be great and just doesn't quite get there. Nevertheless it's still good, and a pleasant listen.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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