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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Artist Of The Month: The McKrells (March, 2009)

The McKrells have changed significantly over the past few years, but still at the heart of the band is lead singer/songwriter Kevin McKrell. The McKrells were essentially the house band in Saratoga Springs, NY’s The Parting Glass for years. Aside from their home base, the McKrells played everywhere from little pubs in the Irish Countryside all the way up to Carnegie Hall. Kevin McKrell, Chris Leske and Craig Vance combined their respective songwriting talents to create one of the most distinctive hybrids of Celtic and Bluegrass around. These days Leske and Vance had moved on, but one-time member Rick Bedrosian has returned to the fold, as well as Kevin’s daughter Katie McKrell, and the McKrells continue on perhaps a little bit closer to the Celtic heart that’s always run through their music. McKrell’s songs have been recorded by the likes of The Furey Brothers, Seamus Kennedy, The Woods Tea Company, Hair Of The Dog, North Sea Gas, Pat McKernan and The Kingston Trio.

Watch out in the coming week, we’ll have a review of The McKrells’ latest offering, Traveling Man. (We’ve also previously reviewed Cosmic Hayride, as well as one-time McKrells violinist Sarah Milonovich’s Daisycutter.

You can find several of The McKrells’ releases at, both as CDs or downloads, but if you’re really going to appreciate The McKrells you need to see them live. Keep checking back for more information as the month progresses!

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