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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review: The Hip Abduction - Move (EP)

The Hip Abduction – Move
2008, The Hip Abduction

Florida’s The Hip Abduction draws on the life experience of band members who have lived in the Caribbean, Micronesia, Ecuador, India, New York City, Washington DC and various other points on the East Coast of the United States. Jazz, Funk, Reggae, and Rock mix wonderfully well on The Hip Abduction’s new EP, Move.

Move opens with Sacred Life, a delicious mix of Funk, Rock and Reggae that will get caught in your head semi-permanently. Your feet will tap in spite of themselves and insist you get up and move. Your Upside Down is also very danceable and catchy, infusing elements of jazz into the aforementioned musical ménage. The Hip Abduction slow things down a tad for a mellow mix of Reggae and Jazz that is memorable. Moonshine is a funky bit of Island/Latin Jazz that is irresistible. The Hip Abduction closes the set with Gringo, another impossibly catchy rock hybrid you just can’t stand still for.

The Hip Abduction has an ability to create incredibly catchy, danceable songs you won’t be embarrassed to tell people you listen to. If you took the musical approach of the Dave Matthews Band, added some funk and real jazz and a Latin rhythm, you’ll have an idea of what you’re going to hear. The Hip Abduction is even better than you’d imagine. Move is a tremendous introduction to a band too viral and catchy to go away.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about The Hip Abduction at or No word on availability of the CD yet, although there is a non-working link to purchase the CD on The Hip Abduction’s home page.

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