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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review: Seven Mile Ride - Seven Mile Ride

Seven Mile Ride – Seven Mile Ride
2008, Macaca Fuscata Records

Seven Mile Ride comes to us out of the always vibrant Seattle rock scene. Four longtime music veterans comprise Seven Mile Ride. Lead vocalist/guitarist Shane Rushton is joined by Randy Shemwell (Lead guitar); Eric Montgomery (bass/keys) and Steve Humphrey (drums/percussion). Seven Mile Ride has gained a reputation as a dynamic live experience, and the critical and popular buzz continue to build. After spending much of the past year working to record and produce their first album, the self-titled debut, Seven Mile Ride, is finally here. It was worth the wait.

Rushton has an incredibly enjoyable rock voice; the kind you could listen to all day and not tire of. This becomes quickly evident on the opening track, Face In The Crowd. The song is a catchy Americana/Southern Rock hybrid that has real commercial potential across several genres. It’s followed by At Home, a great acoustic rock anthem. At Home is a highly commercial sounding song without sacrificing quality. Always is the sort of song that gets bands noticed. It’s a classic rock style power ballad done in an acoustic arrangement. Out and out the best songwriting on the album. Always hits the ballad notes just right without crossing over into cheese or cliché.

That being said, my favorite song on the disc is Silver Lining. Delicious piano fills and great rock guitar work combine to gird a highly memorable song that could be a hit in both rock and country circles. Also be sure to check out Chase The Past Away and Façade.

Seven Mile Ride has strong commercial potential, not so much because they are tying to be commercial but because they seem to have a knack for crafting well written songs that happen to have mass appeal. Their debut, Seven Mile Ride is eight songs of solid, no-nonsense music that fades the lines between Rock, Americana and Country. This seems to be where Rock N Roll is at its most vibrant these days, and Seven Mile Ride appears to be sitting at the heart of it all. Great disc.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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