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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review: Leslie Sanazaro - On Your Roof

Lesie Sanazaro – On Your Roof
2008, Leslie Sanazaro

Leslie Sanazaro is one of St. Louis, Missouri’s best kept secrets. Touring extensively over the past couple of years, Sanazaro has started to gain some minor name recognition outside of her home base. The Cuba, Missouri native released her second CD in 2008, On Your Roof; A mix of rock, folk and jazz that is guaranteed to perk up some ears in the Indie music world and beyond. The former leader or co-leader of bands such as Polaris, So Say We All and piano duo the Spinets casts her own strong yet principled voice out for all to hear. It’s safe to say that St. Louis’ secret isn’t safe for long.

Leslie Sanazaro is very hard to peg, musically. Vocally she sounds like a mix of Dolores O’Riordan, Tori Amos and Feist, all mixed up into one. Her voice is enigmatic, perhaps even iconic. It’s not a pretty voice, per se, but has a distinctly abstract beauty that can be in turns both charming and alarming. Musically very inventive, Sanazaro conveys her musical ideas in soft phrases and nuanced structure. Sanazaro is an extremely mature and subtle songwriter, very literate and intelligent in her lyrics while putting her heart on display for the world to hear. On Your Roof opens with Hot And Cold, a song of devotion and boundaries; hope and caution. This is glorious songwriting that will stick in your mind long after the CD stops spinning. For You is a classic love song. Lyrically sweet and thoughtful, the way love songs are meant to be. No schmaltz, no cliché, just intelligent thoughts and feeling laid out in song and poetry with a brave heart and a reserved spirit.

On Your Roof is a song full of abstract romance. It seems to be about love and the little moments that drive it and make it work. Sanazaro definitely found a bit of magic in this song. Put On Your Shoes is the greatest non-blues blues song you’ll ever hear. It sounds like a blues tune, it should be a blues tune, but it never quite crosses that line. You’ll understand when you hear it. The CD closes out with Healthy Obsession, a sweet and smart love song.

Leslie Sanazaro has a sound that is unique. She will stick out in your mind. Hers is one of those voices that will always be immediately recognizable. This doesn’t hurt someone trying to ascend the ladder in the music world. It doesn’t hurt that Sanazaro has a talent for wonderfully arranged and written pop songs with literate, subtle and approachable lyrics. Sanazaro has the talent and the charisma to do very well for herself, and On Your Roof is a great introduction. A definite must-hear.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

Leslie is certainly a rising songwriter and singer. What a wonderful talent that is so unique and charming! I anticipate nothing but more success and a major recording contract! St. Louis
is lucky to have her - for now!

A Extremely Devoted Fan!