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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review: 2-R-More - If I Could Live My Life Over

2-R-More – If I Could Live My Life Over
2007, Millennium Music Group

2-R-More follow the classic Southern Baptist gospel tradition on If I Could Live My Life Over. The Spartanburg, South Carolina based trio has been playing together for a number of years, and incorporate classic Southern Gospel tunes amidst original compositions. Hugh Culbreth, Chad Jackson and Joan Mahaffey sing and play while Hiley Mahaffey sits soundboard for live performances. 2-R-More run the gamut from classic gospel to bluegrass to near-rock arrangements while singing to further their ministry.

If I Could Live My Life Over offers some surprising and enjoyable mixes alongside classic gospel sounds. You Could Be Wrong is get-up-and-dance worship music based in the sometimes disparate worlds of gospel and bluegrass. Testimony features Joan Mahaffey on vocals in a performance reminiscent of Christy Lane. 2-R-More really let go on the classic When God Dips His Love. This is a Rock N Soul gospel rendition that you won’t soon forget. I’m Living For You Lord opens with an old hymn called The Doxology in some traditions before launching into an original band creation that’s as country as they come. Every song here is filled with spirit and conscience, embracing an inner life of spirit over the immediate impact of now.

If I Could Live My Life Over deftly walks the line between classic gospel and modern worship music without getting too off track. Culbreth, Jackson and Mahaffey sing with devotion and inspiration that are palpable. This is old school Southern Church music at its finest. It may be a little too introspective for the modern church culture of worship dance tunes that leave a lot of room for feeling good about what you’re singing and not much time to actually think about it, but it still thrives in some areas. 2-R-More have it right.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about 2-R-More at, where you can purchase a copy of If I Could Live My Life Over.

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