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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Little Man - Of Mind And Matter

Little Man – Of Mind And Matter
2008, Eclectone Records

Little Man combines the driving quality of British Rock with a classic melodic sensibility. They have an enigmatic vibe that is part Bob Dylan and part Ray Davies with the occasional Bowie moment. The St. Paul, Minnesota rockers came into 2008 off the high of being named the Best Rock Band in the Twin Cities for 2007. They follow that distinction with their fourth release, Of Mind And Matter, bridging the gap between classic and modern rock sounds with tuneful songs and serious Rock N Roll chops.

Tarots And Arrows sets the mood for Of Mind And Matter, with a catchy tune in an arrangement and style highly reminiscent of the Kinks at their best. This song will be playing in your head long after the CD’s been returned to its case, so be warned. Don’t Pray to Fantasy may well be the calling card of the band. Its pure 1960’s Brit Rock with a strong melody and great harmonies. This is where Little Man seems most at home. Not content to stay in one slot, Little Man hits us with Everyone On The Floor, one of the best dance songs I’ve heard in some time, and a reminder that you can dance to Rock N Roll. Beatles fans keep an ear out for Lifted Me Like A Curse. The songwriting here is inspired, and the chorus sounds like McCartney and Lennon might have written it themselves. Love Of All Time sounds like Dylan, Jacob that is. I thought I had somehow skipped to a Wallflowers song when this came on. You’ll also want to check out Seal of Secrecy. This is required Big Rock Anthem, and Little Man delivers it perfectly. Delicious hooks and great harmonies make this a winner.

Little Man identifies with the good luck charm character in classical story telling. Perhaps they’re on to something. Little Man doesn’t break any new musical ground here, but manages to breathe inspiration and life into classic sounding material. The songwriting is strong and the band plays together like a well-oiled machine. Of Mind And Matter is a definite keeper. Make sure you check it out.
Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Little Man at, where you can purchase a copy of Of Mind And Matter.

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