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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review: The Moods - Have Your Day

The Moods - Have Your Day
2008, Hydrophone Records

There was a time when Rock N Roll was all about feeling good. Before the days of self-possessed angst and issue songs Rock was about crisp melodies, sing-a-long arrangements and a beat that inspired you to move. Bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys embodied this spirit. Even your rebellious types reveled in the good times and great melodies Rock N Roll had to offer. These days it seems Rock is all about the message or the marketing. That's what makes Los Angeles based sextet The Moods so refreshing to hear. The Moods are a throwback to the creative wellspring that occurred when the first waves of the British Invasion crashed on US shores and artists here started to respond. On their debut album, Have Your Day, The Moods mix artful, 1960's style arrangements with memorable melodies in major and minor keys.

Have Your Day opens with The Moods, a frenetically structured rock instrumental that's highly danceable. The sound here is early 1960's rock and is highly memorable. A Life Ending is an upbeat, peppy/poppy rock tune ion dark minor keys. Listen closely and you'll hear something of an REM flavor here. All Or Nothing is a dark composition full of piano and synth; a gothic new wave song filled with the melancholic excitement of REM. Megan, my personal favorite song on the disc, is an upbeat love song built on great hooks and a mildly chaotic arrangement that is quite charming. Strawberry Blonde goes to dark places; the story of a man enraptured with something he can't or shouldn't have to the point of eschewing that which he already has. Another favorite is Thump (To A Chorus Of Disapproval). Aimed at "Bible Thumpers", Thump is a great rock tune that attacks hypocrisy from people of faith. Thump is likely to garner a lot of attention (both positive and negative). While highly entertaining the song is written around distinct misconceptions about what faith is and what having it means. Also be sure to check out Dear Missus Bea, Out and Something About You.

Chief songwriter and primary singer Jay Africa drives The Moods with highly interesting and sonically artistic songs on Have Your Day. This is one of those bands that is more than the sum of the parts. Each individual here appears to be very talented, but when they play together a bit of musical alchemy seems to occur. Make sure that Have Your Day gets on your listening list.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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