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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review: Telly - Free Music For Sale

Telly - Free Music For Sale
2006/2008 Pantelis Karoussos

If you could roll John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Rob Thomas into one dynamic package you'd find Telly Karoussos. Based in Easthampton, Long Island, Telly has built quite a buzz around his live shows in the New York City and Long Island markets. Telly first released Free Music For Sale in 2006, but has reissued it in the run up to his upcoming album, You Of All People, due later in 2009. Most of Free Music For Sale was recorded in one take with minimal vocal overdubs and reflects an artist who is wholly alive when performing, even if just for the mic.

Free Music For Sale opens with Anything, a wonderfully dark and gritty tune with a conditionally positive message. This is a standout track any way you listen to it, and should gain significant commercial attention for Telly. Free is very much a Dave Matthews sound-alike, built on a highly complex arrangement that is a pleasure to listen to. The song really takes off during the chorus. This is another highly commercial offering that should gain strong attention from the grazing packs of licensers that scour markets like New York City for talent. Absolutely Everything has that seedy, back-alley quality that comes into play when discussing human intentions when it comes to a one-night stand. Telly's performance here is amazingly subtle given the dynamics of his voice.

At The End Of The Day comes out of the dark with a hopeful song with real pop legs. The arrangement isn't garish, but the hooks here will catch you and wrap you up like only the best pop songs can. Be sure to also check out The Dream and Where I Stand.

Telly has a sound that is highly familiar and comfortable, but dances along the darker edges of pop with primarily acoustic/organic songs that explore the human condition with a sense of reality balanced by a cautious optimism. Free Music For Sale is a thing of beauty; I'm frankly amazed that this album didn't launch Telly more firmly onto the national stage. In any case, here's a second chance to see what you missed the first time.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Telly at You can purchase a copy of Free Music For Sale at or download the album at iTunes.


Anonymous said...

Telly is an unbelievable performer and will no doubt catch the attention of a major record label soon enough. see him now while you can still catch him in small venues.

see ya at Madison Square Garden Telly!

Anonymous said...

saw telly at the acoustic long island show and was absolutely blown away! cant wait for his next CD.