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Monday, May 4, 2009

Review: The Texas Red Legs - Rattlesnake Inn

The Texas Red Legs – Rattlesnake Inn
2008, The Texas Red Legs

The Texas Red Legs are the musical extension of singer/songwriter Richard Davis’ muse. The Dallas-based quartet brings a new outlook on an old sound on Rattlesnake Inn, Texas Red Legs’ debut CD. Rattlesnake Inn is as DIY as it gets; self-produced and self-contained musically. Country music fans may well be enchanted, but there’s enough Rock N Roll here to keep everyone happy.

The album opens with She Fell In Love At The Jukebox, my favorite song on the disc. There’s a definite country dancehall feel here that will reaching for your cowboy hat and practicing that old Texas two-step. Crows And Gasoline has a Neil Young aesthetic going on, right down to the stylistic lead vocals. Burnin’ Down 35 has a nice southern rock feel to it and is a decent listen. Other highlights include Sugarface Blues and Neither Wolf Nor Man.

Rattlesnake Inn is a relatively low key album that is a pleasant listen but doesn’t really grab hold of the listener and make you want to keep coming back. Fans of Neil Young or Van Morrison will likely enjoy this album, but the energy just runs a little too low at times for me. The verdict is that The Texas Red Legs have created an album that is musically impressive but without the vibrancy to match.
Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

Comming from someone who's seen them live...the album does little justice to their live show. If the Red Legs show up in your town..I'd strongly urge you to give them another shot.