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Monday, May 4, 2009

Review: Frances Ancheta - Now We're Here

Frances Ancheta - Now We're Here
2008, Frances Ancheta

Frances Ancheta is a Filipina-American singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California with influences that range all over the musical map. Her debut album, Now We’re Here, is primarily Ancheta and her guitar with the occasional guest musician. Ancheta’s music has a very mellow vibe to it that is a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Lisa Loeb.

Ancheta is a sweet voiced, folky singer/songwriter who sings with a lot of heart. Unfortunately breath control and consequently, pitch, suffer at times throughout Now We're Here. Ancheta's Lahaina is a pleasant folk/pop number that expresses a yearning for the next step in life while questioning the source of answers thus far. School Of Fish has a highly rhythmic acoustic guitar style not entirely dissimilar to Ani DiFranco. Ancheta doesn't quite have the range to pull this song off, but she tries gamely to do so. Empty Chair expresses loss in a sweet and vulnerable fashion that is endearing. Never Go Away is a pleasant listen, but fits into a highly introspective and self-contained pattern that takes hold as the album progresses.

Ancheta proves to be a young songwriter without the ability to filter away emotions and highlight the ideas left behind in her songs. There are some delightful tunes here, but also a tendency to run on about teenage style problems. Consequently the listening audience for Now We're Here will be somewhat reduced from its potential. Ancheta's voice is sweet and a pleasure to listen to, and casual fans will like that they hear.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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