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Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Cailyn/Dani - True Lies And Other Fairytales

Cailyn/Dani - True Lies And Other Fairytales
2009, Land Of Oz Music

Cailyn Lloyd is back, this time as part of duo Cailyn/Dani with powerhouse vocalist Dani Daly. We reviewed Lloyd’s previous release, New World In Blue, last year, finding her to be very talented with a six string. The pairing with Daly appears to have awakened Lloyd’s creative process on a new level, and it shows on True Lies And Other Fairytales. Cailyn Lloyd shows off her guitar wizardry in fine style, and Dani Daly is a reminder of what a female rock vocalist should sound like.

True Lies And Other Fairytales opens with Heartland, featuring the characteristically amazing guitar work of Lloyd and the power rock vocals of Dani. The song itself is decent, but the two dynamic performers help the song transcend its own limitations. Still... You Turn Me On is a lyrically awkward look at love in a long term relationship. Portrait (He Knew) finds the vocal line stuck in a bit of a rut. Dani makes the best of a less than perfect line with a strong performance, and Cailyn is as great as ever on guitar. The cover of Aerosmith's Dream On lacks the oomph or urgency of the original. The Hendrix cover, Wind Cries Mary, plays almost like a country tune here. Blind Faith's Can't Find My Way is the standout track, featuring amazing lyric guitar work.

Cailyn is a wonder on the axe, and Dani is quite an impressive rock vocalist with a big sound. True Lies And Other Fairy Tales is a definitive step forward over New World In Blue. There are still some rough edges here and there, but on the whole this is a very listenable and enjoyable recording.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Cailyn Lloyd and and Cailyn/Dani at or You can purchase a copy of True Lies And Other Fairytales at, or you can download it from iTunes.

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