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Friday, June 26, 2009

Review: Movers & Shakers - Larrabee

Movers & Shakers – Larrabee
2009, Movers & Shakers

Boston’s Mover’s & Shakers bring on the Country grit crossed with punker energy and a Pop glaze on their sophomore album, Larrabee. Recorded in a cabin in the Maine woods, the album has the raw, unadorned quality that only a New England summer could inspire. Compared to the likes of The Replacements, Tom Waits and even Uncle Tupelo, Movers & Shakers certainly seem to have struck a chord with listeners and critics alike.

Larrabee opens with Adventures In Unrealistic Life, a big old Americana pub tune if ever I've heard one. You could almost see the cast of Cheers breaking into this song while Coach Ernie Pantuso serves up another round. Take Your Time is a great upbeat acoustic/electric tune that leans more toward the rock side of the scale. This is a great pop tune but retains enough of a garage sound to be palatable to Indie fans. All Of My Lines sticks loosely within the Americana realm, but struggles to break free into a virulent post-punk rock tune at times. This is swaying on the lawn of an amphitheater in summertime with your lighter raised music.

Find A Reason is a classic country rocker that will get in your head and dance around for days, reminiscent of what The Heartbreakers might sound like if Shane MacGowan were singing instead of Tom Petty. The Evidence, The Proof rips the roof off in a style that I can old describe as Punktry/Americana. This is the best written track on the disc and should appeal to fans across several genres. In The Eyes finds Movers & Shakers back in Tom Petty's neighborhood, with lead vocalist Matt Price providing a rough edged vocal that fits the sound perfectly. Boomsplat gets a little Texas Blues guitar styles going in a fun tune that will make you want to get up and dance. The album closes out with Take Me Home, a classic pop/rock tune dressed up in Americana trappings that will dance around your brain for days after listening.

Movers & Shakers offer up some delicious Americana with Punk energy and Rock N Roll flare on Larrabee. This is perhaps one of the most pleasant musical surprises thus far in 2009. Here's hoping Movers & Shakers keeps coming back with more!

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Movers & Shakers at, where you can purchase a copy of Larrabee, or you can download it from iTunes.

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