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Saturday, October 4, 2008

CD Review: Lawrence Blatt - Fibonacci's Dream

Lawrence Blatt - Fibonacci's Dream
2008, LMB Music

Lawrence Blatt has a guitar style that is reminiscent at times of William Ackerman without the mind-numbing alternate tunings. He is able to cross musical boundaries without (apparently) giving it a second thought. Fibonacci's Dream goes from overtly classical to muted rock and roll with even the occasional Latin flavor. Blatt is undeniably a top notch guitar player but also shows a penchant for melody and structured harmony that is fresh air to the serious music fan.

Una Vida (One Life) is a wonderful Latin/pop classical piece. It is based in acoustic guitar with rhythm and minimal ethereal synth seasoning. Una Vida is based on a strong thematic component that is revisited in diminishing variations until it springs back whole like a phoenix. In A Heartbeat is a gorgeous country ballad in the making and sounds like the long lost lifeblood of Nashville. Five Nights is an appealing rock and roll song trying to break out of a classical arrangement. It has a wonderful sense of melody and tension that resolves into a reluctant fade.

Other highlights include Just Before Dawn, Catalina and Song For Chava. Just Before Dawn in particular is a thing of beauty. You can sense the active undercurrents in this deep and pensive piece.

Lawrence Blatt has a talent for lush classical arrangements that sometimes disguise a more contemporary aspect or attitude in his music. Blatt is an incredibly talented guitarist and sounds like he could probably play most any style well. Fibonacci's Dream has a couple of soft points, but on the whole is a very strong album. It's a definite must hear, particularly if you play or just appreciate the guitar.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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