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Friday, October 10, 2008

CD Review: Pnuma Trio - Character

Pnuma Trio - Character
2008, 1320 Records

Memphis, Tennessee’s Ben Hazelgrove, Alex Botwin and Lane Shaw have had quite the ride. Exploding onto the scene with keyboard heavy new-groove electronica in 2004, Pnuma Trio have undergone a musical transformation. Gone are the protracted keyboard/synth monologues, replaced by a more introspective and straining at the boundaries sound. The tide has turned from meandering thoughts to perseveration. Pnuma's debut album, Character, is an exercise in this intense and moody dark electronica, and there are gems to be found in the dark.

Dab is the standout track here, with a wonderfully moody and pensive aspect. The spiraling keyboard effects seem to imply the moments and ideas that spiral into and out of consciousness under cover of night. I also enjoyed the post-electro geek-cum-disco feel of Avid. Prefresh is another highlight, with an esoteric and hyperactive keyboard melody that toys with the high hat and electric drums throughout. Other highlights include Misery Loves Company and Everynight.

Pnuma Trio traipses across the electronic landscape with hip-hop in their ears. The hybrid of influences here makes for a unique and interesting listen. Character is aptly named. The challenge going forth will be to live up to the standard Pnuma Trio has set here.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Pnuma Trio at You can purchase a digital copy of Character through 1320 Records. No word yet on domestic hard-copy CD sales. The only CD version I was able to find of Character is a Japanese pressing through

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