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Friday, October 31, 2008

Review: Zealousy - Complications

Zealousy – Complications
2008, Zealousy

Los Angeles DIYers Zealousy ride quite the buzz into the release of their first full length CD, Complications. The Los Angeles quartet has been around since 2005, falling together like leaves off a tree. Vocalist/keyboardist Amarie Darvai has been nominated for a 2008 L.A. Music Award in the category of Best Female Vocal Performance, and has been recognized for her powerful vocal style. Christopher Cody (guitar/keys), Chris Babin (bass) and Bunny Brooks, Jr. (drums) fill out a band that plays more like an organic being than a collective of four musicians. Complications reflects the struggles of an independent band in dark overtones and irreverent epic jams, driven through by the incisive and artful lyrics of Darvai and Cody.

Let’s start with Amarie Darvai. The word is amazing. If Kate Bush and Grace Slick had a love child they’d hope she’d sound as good as Darvai. Amarie pouts and preens, scowls and screams, and very will sings her tuckus off on Complications, proving that one talented artist can carry a band. Not that Zealousy needs to be carried. They’re tight as anything and create a diverse and amazing series of musical tableaus against which Darvai’s voice is amply featured. The album opens with Girl On The Edge, which sways in the wind musically just as the lyrical protagonist does. So I Am is a straight forward pop/rock tune.

Wanting is a driven, angst-filled rock song that is a must hear, but Everything is the centerpiece of the album. This is the song you came for. From the driven chorus full of reproachful anger to the angst filled verses, Everything has hit written all over it. Drop is another delicious pop/rock tune that could be very commercially successful for Zealousy. Other highlights include She Fires The Gun, Wrong Man and Chemical Imbalance.

Zealousy is a band waiting to explode. If you like bands like Evanescence and Garbage, then you need to pick up Complications to see how it’s supposed to be done. Complications is required listening. Zealousy is one break away from being huge.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Zealousy at or You can purchase a download of Complications at

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