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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CD Review: Teddy Presberg - Blueprint Of Soul

Teddy Presberg – Blueprint Of Soul
2007, Ropeadope Records

Teddy Presberg is a St. Louis native (and recent repatriate) who spent a number of years living in Portland, Oregon. Long known as a gifted guitarist with a talent for improvisation, Presberg set out to recreate Portland in song. The result is 2007’s Blueprint Of Soul. Blueprint Of Soul is all about improvisation and being in the (musical) moment. This reactionary album was generally recorded in one take with one additional take to overdub. Presberg has succeeded in capturing a live, breathing instrumental sound with lots of spirit and double the funk.

Blueprint Of Soul seems to dance around between rock and roll, blues and even jazz. The jaunty Foster Fatty is one of the liveliest songs on the record and was inspired by Portland’s Foster Road. The funk grooves and jazz chords spun around the laughing bass line make for a party in a song. Sunrise On St. John’s has a thoroughly live feel to it that will have you grooving where you stand. 82nd Ave Strut was inspired by meth-induced stumble witnessed on the named street, and has a quasi-psychedelic feel to it. The song itself sounds like the sort of jam you might hear on an early Police record. Other highlights include Beneath The Burnside, Free Love and Colonel Summers.

Teddy Presberg brings in the funk of Blueprint Of Soul. This disc is an enjoyable listen from start to finish. It’s not an earth-shattering recording and doesn’t cut any new ground musically, but it will keep you solidly entertained and wanting to get up and dance throughout its 33 minutes. Blueprint Of Soul is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Teddy Presberg as well as purchase a copy of Blueprint Of Soul at

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