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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review: Social Clash - Demo

Social Clash – Demo
2008, Social Clash

Social Clash is a young, energetic rock band ripping it up on the Toronto scene. Young and inexperience, they make up in energy and chutzpah what they’ve yet to acquire. Frank (Vocals), Carlos (guitars), Jon (drums), Davin (bass) and Mike (guitars) don’t waste your time onstage. They launch into their big, heavy rock tunes with abandon and panache. Social Clash submitted a demo for review. Here’s what we heard.

Social Clash has that hungry energy that allows bands to rocket to stardom. Even on CD they come across full of a rambunctious kick that would play wonderfully well live. Big guitar rock songs built on strong, pesky hooks and melodies that are very hummable makes for a great start. They’re not lyrically intense or original, but sufficiently succinct and understandable enough to add to great post-punk pop/rock songs. Opening with Give Me A Chance, Social Clash goes right for the throat with a fast paced, stripped down rocker. The Lo-Fi effect works particularly well in creative a live sound what makes for great listening. Count You Out is probably the most commercial song here, and with a little mastering is probably radio ready right out of the box.

One On One is built on a great guitar riff. The song is very melodic and Frank is in fine vocal form. The guitar/bass builds tension in the verse until resolving either into a sun-shiny bridge or a driving chorus. Manners Matter is the heaviest song here and is definitely not for lightweights, even as it retains the pop sensibility that Social Clash displays. For More is a mellow turn at a ballad that sounds somewhat out of character for Social Clash. The song is quite good, although the vocals here are mix way too low. Restless is another highly commercial song (as in The Edge or other modern rock format). It’s the sort of song you might hear on a horror film soundtrack, and still maintains that inspired pop underbelly that seems to run through Social Clash’s songs.

Social Clash brings it, there’s no other way to put it. A heavy rock band that walks the line between pop/metal and progressive rock can be either a disaster or a joy to listen to. Social Clash is the latter. They retain the slightly disheveled sound that marked the best of the punk bands and the driving energy that makes for a real shot at success. Social Clash’s demo is a snapshot of a band on the way up. It’s just a question of how high.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Social Clash at If you sweet talk them maybe they’ll sell you a copy of their independent demo.

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