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Friday, October 31, 2008

Review: Wounded Buffalo Theory - El Brome

Wounded Buffalo Theory – El Brome
2008, Wounded Buffalo Theory

Wounded Buffalo Theory is an experimental rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Using big guitar sounds, jam band tendencies and quirky pop hooks, Wounded Buffalo Theory crafts a sound that is unique and wonderfully ambiguous. Their latest EP, El Brome (to be released in the near future), captures an underlying pop sensibility that would seem to run at odds to their jam band/guitar rock sound.

El Brome opens with Neckface, a progressive rock monster with big guitar work and heavy solos. The six-and-a-half minute jam moves through Malmsteem style rock progressions with a care and ease that can only be captured live. Wounded Buffalo Theory is mostly together here, although the seams do get a little dicey at times. Bodies has a very relaxed, fuzzy opening that turns into a pop-centric Prog tune. Didn’t Go Outside has a heavy garage sound full of fuzz and buzz with a great pop theme running through it. This song is almost radio ready and a top-notch producer would have a field day turning this rough cut into a diamond. The Under Over (live at Southpaw) is 7 ½ minutes of pure progressive jam with some Pink Floyd ambience thrown in for good measure. The Pledge (live at Southpaw) shows that finicky, pop-centric streak that runs through Wounded Buffalo Theory’s progressive, jam-band tendencies. Coming in at over eleven minutes, The Pledge does become derivative after a bit, but the basic core of the song is pop gold.

Wounded Buffalo Theory are diamonds in the rough. The potential here is staggering: Buried deep inside the muddle harry crossbreed of Prog and jam band styles beats the heart of a slick pop outfit. El Brome is a great introduction to both sides of the band (often simultaneously). If Wounded Buffalo Theory ever manages to truly harness that pop sensibility and melodic talent they possess they might just rule popular music. Until then they’re a pretty affecting listen. El Brome is very much worth your time.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Wounded Buffalo Theory at or El Brome is not yet available, and I could not locate a release date on any of their web outlets. I would recommend interested readers contact Wounded Buffalo Theory through their MySpace page for more info.

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