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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review: Charlie Morris Band - Ten Tall Tales

Charlie Morris Band - Ten Tall Tales
2009, Bluespages Records

Blues combined with Rock N Roll that runs from the swamp to the arena and back is what the Charlie Morris Band is all about. Morris like his blues deep dish Chicago style, whether pickin' on his Les Paul or wailing on his Strat. The latest album from the Charlie Morris Band, Ten Tall Tales, is a dynamic collection of tunes that runs the gamut from politically aware Blues/Rock to old fashioned burlesque Roadhouse Blues. Markus Baumer provides wild piano and organ support, while David Clarke slaps the bass and Marco "Speedy" Jeanrenaud knocks out the rhythms that drive the Charlie Morris Band on an album that's one big party from start to finish.
Ten Tall Tales opens with Got Greedy, extolling the liabilities of society’s reliance on oil. The guitar work here is impressive, with Morris laying down some sick riffs, Chicago style and Baumer gluing everything together with an impressive display on the B3. Monsieur Miracle emulates the Zydeco style in a song that is guaranteed to get you dancing. The guitar work is again exquisite. I Got To Have It clearly lays out one of the primary tenets of the human condition. The narrator is aware of all his faults, particularly his vices, and is bound and determined to keep every one of them. The piano work on this particular song stands out loud and clear and sounding a bit more New Orleans than the other songs presented thus far.

Stagger Home To My Baby sounds like something you might hear from Brian Setzer, all Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues. I Got A Black Cat Bone gets into early Rock and R&B styles. The song is an amusing take on love potions and the like. Never Coming Home looks at life on the road from the eyes of a musician in a slow blues tune full of melancholy and just a bit of loneliness. The highlight of the album is New Fool, featuring some of the best guitar work on the disc. The song itself is a fun listen, but the guitar work is what makes it shine. Not Much Glory takes on the music business and the dirty side that music fans rarely see. Nothing here is particularly surprising, but the bleak outlook Morris offers may cause a few listeners to have second thoughts about pursuing music as a career. Ten Tall Tales closes out with That's What She Said, a raunchy bit of roadhouse blues that likely gets funnier and funnier as the evening and rounds progress.

Ten Tall Tales is the perfect music for a Saturday night. The Charlie Morris Band knows how to create the perfect musical atmosphere for a party. Great tunes that you can dance and even sing along to rolled up in classic sounds that are practically universal. I highly recommend Ten Tall Tales for people who want to remember that Rock N Roll was meant to be fun. This is a great disc.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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