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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Sound Of The Blue Heart - Wind Of Change

Sound Of The Blue Heart - Wind Of Change
2009, Sound Of The Blue Heart

Human Drama was a major staple of the Los Angeles and Southern California Rock scenes in the 1980's and early 1990's. Its front man, Johnny Indovina went on to a successful Indie solo career before debuting Sound Of The Blue Heart in 2006 with ...Beauty? Sound Of The Blue Heart returns on July 14, 2009 with Wind Of Change, a well of deep musical emotions for your consideration.

Indovina has serious street cred in the Indie world; spending most of his 20+ year career without label support he has nonetheless inspired a generation of musicians with unflinchingly honest and occasionally provocative songwriting in the spirit of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and even Charles Bukowski. Wind Of Change opens with The Spell, a song about falling in love in spite of oneself. The arrangement isn't particularly powerful, but the lyrics are highly personal and honest. The Poisoning takes a layered, quasi-ambient path through lyrics about the passing of time and lost opportunities for both individuals and for mankind. Indovina laments the apparent loss of God to a society in decay. Run For Cover is a mellow and economically lush that seems to be about the human capacity to turn tail and run when things get hard. The guitar work here is exquisite, and Run For Cover is likely to become essential listening.

Wind Of Change features some guitar work that would feel right at home on a Dire Straits album and digs into the essence of renewal. The arrangement here is lush enough to draw listeners in and strong enough to note let them go. Violet's Wish is a biographical song about squandered moments and opportunities, which seems to be a theme for Sound Of The Blue Heart. The Arms Of Yesterday sounds like it could cross over from the Rock realm to Country quite easily. Indovina has a slight tendency toward lyrical excessiveness but this doesn't overpower anything presented on Wind Of Change. Life Is Beautiful, Life Is Cruel is classic singer/songwriter Rock N Roll with a powerful (if subtle) message. I'll leave it to readers to puzzle out as they will. Sound Of The Blue Heart closes out with It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, a touching song about coming to terms with loss. The song is touching and filled with dark hues and darker meanings. The Country Music accents here want to be more than just accents, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue would make a great country tune.

Wind Of Change as a title suggests the beginning of something new; I don't know that we can call Wind Of Change new, but there is significant originality running through the music of Sound Of The Blue Heart. Johnny Indovina is perhaps not the most creative arranger/composer in the rock world, but he writes intensely honest and soul-baring songs, set deep in arrangements that are more like scenes that songs. The lush nature of the material here makes for great listening. Be sure to check out Sound Of The Blue Heart and Wind Of Change.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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